BODY & MIND BELLYDANCE is a connection of physical presence with the intangible side within us.  BODY & MIND BELLYDANCE is more than just an approach to belly dance, it is a way of life.


You will learn to allow your life energies to flow in your dance expression. Through movement, laugh, relaxation and dance you will show the unique beauty, grace and all the special values you have. Your body is a doorway between you and what is happening around you. The natural energy is constantly moving inside and around you. Once you become aware of it, you can present it beautifully through belly dance. 

Starting with accepting your body, knowing your physical abilities, building up flexibility, strength, and discovery of the things you cannot touch but can feel. You will experience different attitudes, growth, re-awakening and presentation of your own feelings as you learn this ancient art of bellydance.

BODY & MIND BELLYDANCE is my personal approach of passing forward and teaching everything I've learned about bellydance.  
                            - Sharka